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  What is WWOOF?

Welcome to the WWOOF program. WWOOF is a coordinating service, bringing together travellers who are seeking to explore new cultures and gain experience in organic growing and other rural activities, with host farms/families. WWOOF organizations exist around the world, beginning in Britain almost 30 years ago and now thriving in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Austria and many other countries. We have been providing this service in Canada for over 12 years and are delighted to extend this program into the United States.

WWOOFing is a unique cultural exchange in that travellers of all ages can visit communities throughout Hawaii and experience, for a short while, real life on a farm or a rural business. WWOOFers gain from the opportunities to learn about rural life, organic and other sustainable growing techniques as well as being in a family situation. Our hosts express delight and appreciation for the help they receive and the pleasure of sharing their passion for organic growing with enthusiastic visitors.

What you need to know if you want to be a WWOOFer.

How do I become a WWOOFer?

Complete the application form on this web site and mail it to the address provided, enclosing $15.00U.S. When we receive your application we will immediately mail the booklet to you.

How long can I expect to stay with a WWOOF host?

When you receive your WWOOF booklet look through it to find hosts that are appealing to you and in the areas you are interested in visiting. When you have decided the approximate dates of your travel, contact the host(s) directly and discuss your plans. How long you stay with a host is up to you, and of course up to the host. With most WWOOF hosts you are welcome to stay 1 week or longer. Some hosts request a minimum of 2 weeks so that you can orientate yourself to the farm scene; many volunteers stay 1-3 weeks then move on to another farm - thus gaining a variety of experiences.

What experience do I need?

You don't need any farm experience at all. What you do need is a willingness to learn, laugh and try your best. The hosts will guide and teach you.

Do I need a visa to be a WWOOFER?

If you are an American citizen of course you do not need to be concerned about a visa. As a tourist, travelling from another country, you also can enter the United States usually without a visa. Internationally "WWOOFing"is recognized as a "volunteer activity". U.S. Immigration laws on the issue of "volunteering" vs. "working" are somewhat unclear - you certainly cannot work in the U.S. without the appropriate visa, but the definition of "work" seems to sometimes include "volunteering". Occasionally people have been refused entry to the U.S. because the Immigration Officials have interpreted "volunteering" as equivalent to "working". It is important that you be aware of this. It is up to you to ensure you travel with the correct papers. We are not responsible for any aspect of securing a visa.


  • to get firsthand experience of organic farming & gardening and to lend a helping hand wherever needed

  • to get into the countryside and experience USA and its citizens.

  • to help the organic movement, which is often labour intensive and does not rely on artificial fertilizers & pesticides.

  • to make contact with other people in the organic movement.

  • to have a wonderful enriching experience.

  • to enable people from all over the world to have a cultural exchange with US citizens