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Welcome to the WWOOF Canada Website

The First steps of a WWOOFer by Vincent Van Gogh

Welcome to the WWOOF program in Canada. World Wide Orientation to Organic Farm life. Vacationing in Canada and Volunteering on Organic Farms is a great way to broaden your education through cultural exchange. Our host families will introduce you to Canadian culture and organic farming methods.

You must have a fair knowledge of the English language to communicate with your hosts. Hosts are not trained language instructors, but will assist you in correct pronunciation and grammar. You will be expected to learn, share and participate in daily farm activities.

Register to Receive Your WWOOF Canada Farm List

Contact by e-mail, regular mail, telephone, and/or fax me at (250) 354-4417.There is a $30. registration fee for the list of WWOOF host farms. We have over 400 farm hosts listed in Canada from the east coast to the west coast. There are also numerous farms listed in the USA and Hawaii.These host farms are listed in our documentation package. This is your "WWOOFing Passport". You must show it to your host. You will be expected to help out from 4 to 6 hours, 5 to 5 and 1/2 days per week on your hosts farm, in exchange for room and board there.

All you require is a round trip ticket from your home country and sufficient funds to prove to Canada Immigration that you can pay your own way on vacation. It is helpful to have specific vacation plans like, to see the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls or visit specific relatives in Canada or the USA. If your plans include travel to the United States, you must first obtain a multiple entry visitor visa from the US Embassy in your home country.

You are NOT coming to work for money, nor for extended study. You are on vacation for cultural exchange. This is a cooperative non-market barter/exchange economy travel option, with kibbutz-like roots. To register by mail, and when contacting host farms to arrange a stay,send: if you are from overseas - 1 International Postal Coupon, or if you are in Canada - a SASE to your host/coordinator to cover cost of their reply.

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Regular Mail to:

John Vanden Heuvel

RR-2, S.18,

C.9, Nelson,

B.C., V1L-5P5